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We manage your fleet. So you have time for your customers

Fleet management: it’s a profession

Fleet management is not an easy job. Your employee is often flooded with questions which are often not that easy to answer. On top of that are all administrative processes that are involved when executing fleet management. Even though it is not a core competence of your employee he/she is responsible for managing your fleet, in most organizations a very large part in the overall company expenses. In many cases there is too little time and not the right expertise to manage your fleet efficiently.

fleetkennis makes it happen!

Is your fleet essential for your organization to be successful? Are you trying to reduce costs but still want cars that fit the company and the employees? Does your organization want to reduce its carbon footprint? We will help you achieve all of this! How? With years of relevant experience in and knowledge of the automotive and leasing industry. With full operational management, advice and practical support. We know everything about fleet management and we manage all the contracts and agreements with your fleet suppliers. We are an extension of your company. Your fleet truly is our care.

But there is more.


Let us, as the middleman between you and your suppliers, take care of your fleet and the implementation of contracts and agreements. That is our job, that is what we are good at. We provide your organization with the right information in the right place at the right time. We inform your drivers when it is time to order a new car and we ensure that your car policy is up-to-date at all times. We make sure that your organization is ready for all new developments in the market. Changes with regards to new tax laws, new regulations and legislations and, for example, the recent developments surrounding electric and (plug-in) hybrid vehicles. We are more than happy to share our expertise with you. It goes without saying that you will get a clear overview of all arrangements and agreements regularly.

Please feel free to contact us!

Feel free to schedule an appointment, without obligations of course. We are very happy to discuss your needs and the fleet management challenges you face. Before we make a proposal, fully customized to your organization, we always thoroughly analyze the current situation and all available data.

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Practical, down to earth
and attention to every detail

fleetkennis relieves and surprises organizations. We provide A to Z fleet management for your organization, sometimes even more. We do this by forming a team with your team. Together, we strategically look at the needs of your organization; now and in the future. We always strive for a long-term relationship with our customers. We are happy to advise and invest time and energy into our collaboration. We proactively come up with possible solutions you might not have considered. And we guarantee continuity. If your fleet manager is ill, work at fleetkennis does not stop. We ensure continuity, at all times.

Everyone is equally important

Often fleet management within organizations is confusing and unorganized, especially if the organization deals with multiple stakeholders (importers, insurers, several leasing companies). fleetkennis will bring structure to these processes. So you have nothing to worry about, we worry for you. Furthermore, we are accessible to all stakeholders in your organization. Everyone is equally important, every question is equally important. We manage all fleet management processes within your organization. We are the first point of contact for you and your employees. In case of an emergency we are on stand-by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you or your employees.

Forty-five years of experience

Within fleetkennis we have more than 45 years of relevant industry experience. We have extensive expertise with multiple fleets. Because our customers have very diverse fleets, in size as well as in policies, we can easily execute various benchmarks. This way potential savings for your organization are quickly identified. We do business with all leasing companies and are experienced in executing for example a brand policy or drawing up a new car policy. Real experts at work for you!

Completely independent

fleetkennis is 100% independent. We have no ties or agreements with leasing companies or other suppliers. This allows us to rightly say; Your interest is our interest!


Please call us….anytime

One of the great strengths of fleetkennis is the in-depth knowledge of our customers. Each team member is familiar with the ins and outs of all our customers. If one of your employees wants to speak with his fleet manager Nick and our colleague Thomas picks up the phone, Thomas knows exactly what to do. Our company consists of team players who know everything about each other’s customers. This is highly appreciated by our customers. Our most recent customer satisfaction survey revealed that our service is rated with an 8.1 out of 10. That is why we do what we do.

Feel free to come by!

Of course we are happy to visit you. But regularly customers find their way to our office in Houten for consultation. We like to keep it personal, we do not like distance. We see our customers as partners. Together we can achieve the best results. The result is: carefree fleet management for your organization.


the connection between organization
and fleet

Watchdog or Robin Hood?

Our independence allows us to be clear and transparent. We have no reason to hold back information. Total transparency, that is what we stand for. If we manage your fleet, we do this with your interests in mind.

Total transparency, that is what we stand for. If we manage your fleet, we do this with your interests in mind. Some suppliers cannot always provide transparency for various reasons.read more...

Therefore, we have established fleetkennis, we do provide that! We have been called a watchdog more than once. Even Robin Hood. We prefer to just call ourselves your fleet manager.


caring for our customers keeps us focused on improvement


who is your business partner?

Jeroen van der Rijst

Owner & Fleet ManagerEst. 1967 (Utrecht)

say what we do,
do what we say

Jeroen van der Rijst lives in Houten and had a big dream years ago. He wanted to really live up to the promises made by the lease companies. He launched fleetkennis together with his colleague Peter Franken in 2010, in order to make this dream come true. Jeroen brought a wealth of experience into the partnership: he has been actively involved with a number of renowned lease companies in a variety of commercial positions (including Sales Manager) between 1989 and 2009.

Jeroen about Jeroen

‘I am the major receptacle at fleetkennis’

Jeroen has two specialities: listening and talking. In that order. He carefully listens to the customer’s needs, meticulously assesses the situation and subsequently always finds a creative solution. Potential customers have particularly arrived at the right place with Jeroen where the assessment and writing of company car schemes and the sustainability of automobility are concerned. After a company’s premises and personnel, a fleet is often the biggest cost centre, which means an efficiently organised car scheme is of the utmost importance. This is exactly what Jeroen guarantees.

Jeroen keeps the big picture in mind within our company and makes sure fleetkennis actually does what it has promised to do. As he himself says: ‘We say what we do and I make sure we actually do what we say.’ Plus effective communication and collaboration with colleagues is an absolute must and a true strength. ‘Once a customer has been approached and the initial agreements have been entered into, Peter will always come knocking on my door first, in order to assess the car scheme. Everything is connected here.’

Jeroen once came second in the Renault Clio Cup, the rally variant. But this was just a one off. He was too busy with his family and work. However, he still very much enjoys watching the racing drivers in real life, particularly Formula 1. He would have loved to have made a career out of this himself. But not all dreams can come true …

Peter Franken

Owner & Fleet ManagerEst. 1975 (Zevenaar)

happy people produce quality

Peter Franken, from Breda, launched our company fleetkennis with his colleague Jeroen van der Rijst in 2010. The pair had wanted to function as independent intermediaries in the lease market for quite some time and decided to join forces. Peter is our face to the outside world. He is mainly involved with the initial approach and contact with customers, something he also did at previous employers. He makes sure the customer is wrapped in cotton wool after the initial contact and everything is efficiently organised by our team. His extensive experience has resulted in an incredibly widespread knowledge where the car (lease) world is concerned. Plus Peter also has a sound knowledge of IT in the industry. Peter is the perfect point of contact for any IT issues, which is exactly what he is for our customers.

Peter about Peter:

‘I can effectively empathise with the customer’s thoughts and needs’

Communication is Peter’s strongest point. He is always able to win people over with an honest story. This has resulted in him being of major value to customers, as fleet management is about much more than simply arranging cars. Peter is capable of peeling back the theoretical issues surrounding mobility and explaining the story in such a way that fleet management becomes a unique experience which the customer can identify with. Peter is business-like, but definitely likes to have a laugh too: After all: ‘Happy people produce quality.’ Do you have a question for Peter? Do give him a call: 06 50 60 17 24. That’s certainly what we do. And regularly too. Although preferably not during the weekend, as this is when he’s tinkering with his big dream: a Volvo Amazon from 1964.

Julien Schilder

Senior Fleet ManagerEst. 1974 (Amsterdam)

a small team,
that is our strenght

Julien is the most experienced staff member at fleetkennis and he enjoys sharing his expertise with the customer. Personal attention is very important to Julien. He always stays in close contact with his fixed point of contact and if a driver requests a new car, Julien will always start with checking whether the employee in question isn’t going to leave the company within the foreseeable future. After all, a new contract wouldn’t make sense in such cases. He proactively thinks along with the customer.
Julien is an important player within our team. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing. After all, the customer may want to know something about pool management on one occasion and perhaps something about the car scheme on another. Plus Julien is also able to help if a driver calls up for a certain colleague, who happens to be unavailable. ‘If you start off by saying: didn’t you collect that new BMW last week?, you will certainly make the customer very happy. A small team, with people who complement and replace each other, that’s where our strength lies.’

Julien about Julien

‘I am someone you introduce to every new customer’

When Julien had finished with his studies, around twenty years ago, he was busy driving cars for a lease company and soon ended up with a Renault dealer, soon to be followed by the Renault importer. He subsequently made his initial appearance at Fleetkennis via a renowned lease company. Julien has become an expert par excellence as a result of his extensive experience and his inexhaustible desire to learn more about cars and the industry. And his thoroughness means he can always effectively find out what a company’s exact needs are, even when the customer finds it difficult to identify these needs. His speciality: contract reviews and invoice checks. Julien is always able to find some snags, or manages to adjust arrangements so they’re in the customer’s favor.

Julien is just as thorough and hard-working when playing tennis with his brother, which is his big hobby. He doesn’t like losing, according to his mentor.

Nick van der Ven

Fleet ManagerEst. 1991 (Lelystad)

the best deal
for our customers

One of fleetkennis’ plus points is that anyone can replace any colleague, which means customers will always remain well informed. However, all members of staff have one speciality and Nick’s is the ordering process for new cars. He assists drivers who want to replace their car. He is also quickly on the scene when a customer takes on new employees who are going to need new cars. Nick’s role is essential from the moment the customer makes a choice, until the person actually drives off in the car. He will carefully check to make sure everything has been done in line with the scheme, or rather: have we dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s? For example, with one of our major customers it’s of the utmost importance that the car has parking sensors, metallic paint and that it’s not a convertible. Nick double-checks this, but also requests quotations, compares everything and draws conclusions in an organised document for the driver. The customer will eventually only need to provide his consent at the end of the drive, as Nick will organise and check everything.

Nick about Nick

‘Ordinary guys who deal with customers in an enjoyable manner’

In his position it’s important for us to understand drivers, to find out about and support their needs, whilst at the same time being commercial enough to be able to organise the best deal for the customer. Nick satisfies this criteria. He is resolute, commercial and knows what he’s talking about. He also knows all he needs to know about his colleagues’ affairs, who he enjoys relieving as and when the need arises. The automotive industry is more than just a job: it’s his passion. During his spare time he enjoys reading and hearing all about the (technical side of) cars and enjoys visiting events.

He finished his work experience at fleetkennis in 2014 and subsequently joined our company on a permanent basis. He particularly enjoys the atmosphere within the company. ‘We are ordinary guys who deal with customers in an enjoyable manner.’ And what does he do during the weekend? Racing at the circuit. What a surprise.’

Thomas Bol

Fleet ManagerEst. 1991 (Nieuwegein)

people before

Thomas is our specialist in pool management. If a driver decides to leave the company after two years and the lease contract is going to continue, Thomas will ensure a new driver is found for the used lease car.

Thomas was a sales representative at a Citroen dealer for a year. The results certainly spoke for themselves, he managed to achieve his targets effortlessly. But still he wasn’t satisfied. Selling isn’t in his nature. Where some people wouldn’t think twice about talking a customer into an expensive loan, Thomas was always affected by his human empathy. He always wanted the best for his customers. As he said himself: ‘I start off with looking at the people, and the business processes don’t come into it until a much later stage.’

Thomas about Thomas:

‘I never take anything for granted’

Speaking to Thomas is often like a breath of fresh air for customers. He always wants to hear both sides of a story before giving advice or reaching a decision. Thomas is resolute and never takes anything for granted. He is often involved with the operational side of fleet management at fleetkennis. So Thomas comes into the picture if a customer wants to hand in a car, has suffered some damage, or wants to talk about a HR report. He often works together with Nick, which means they can effectively deal with each other’s tasks if a situation demands it.

Thomas became a permanent employee in 2013, after a six month work experience placement. He is very happy with his job, particularly as a result of the great atmosphere within the company and the work he is doing. Especially where the customer contact is concerned. He enjoys doing things for people, takes pride in clarifying side issues and listens to the customers’ needs attentively. The question is how long fleetkennis and its customers will be able to continue benefiting from Thomas. Travel is his major hobby – he has already travelled to Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, China and America’s West Coast – and hopes to go out again one day on a one way ticket.

Robbert de Vries

Uitgelicht Robbert de V
Fleet ManagerEst. 1989 (Nieuwegein)

check if you are on the same page

before you act

Like his colleague, Nick, Robbert likes ordering new cars. When going through the ordering process with our clients, his commercial skills really shine through. By listening and asking questions, he can quickly identify the driver’s needs. So, in a short time a suitable choice is worked out. One that fits the organisation’s protocols and the needs of the driver. If Robbert were to choose a car for himself, his preference would be for one from the Opel stable. He grew up with this make and over the years his love for it has not diminished. Having once tried an Alfa-Romeo, he quickly returned to a reputable and reliable Opel.

Robbert about Robbert

‘Service is something that has been instilled in me from an early age.’

Robbert’s service mindset is something he brings with him from home. Helping others at home was highly valued. During his school years at the IVA in Driebergen and later as a salesman at a car dealership, he remained true to this value. As Fleet Manager at fleetkennis we recognise this as Robbert is someone who always strives for results where the driver, our clients, and his colleagues are happy.

Robbert is happy to join a club that seeks results. Giving presentations is something he finds energising. If he can do that with others and there is support for his ideas from the audience, then Robbert has had a top day. In 2016, Robbert joined fleetkennis. ‘It was immediately clear that my colleagues deliberately chose to work with this organisation. The team is engaged with each other. At times, we work extremely hard and at other times we have a lot of fun. All of which means I really enjoy going to work.’ In his spare time, you’ll often find Robbert at the Arena. One of his hobbies is watching football, a lot of football. Ajax is his club and whether they win or lose, they can always rely on Robbert’s support. Just as we can when we have questions about our software system. Robbert can often provide a top tip that steers us back on track.bout

Paul Carton

Uitgelicht Paul C
Fleet ManagerEst. 1978 (Zeist)

if it can be done quickly

just do it

Prior to joining fleetkennis, Paul worked as Contract Manager and Valuation Specialist with two large leasing companies. Lease and rental contracts hold no secrets for him. Paul is also no stranger to technical questions. His broad experience in the automotive industry – workshop, sales and warehouse management – in conjunction with his structured approach and attention to detail make him an ideal conversation partner for all parties. And if you have a question about an English vehicle … that’s a subject this somewhat shy colleague can talk about for hours. He made this passion his work for some years. As an independent businessman, he sold parts for these cars. The Rover 600 in our car park belongs to Paul,…..of course.

Paul about Paul

‘I dislike nonsense, my decisions are always well considered.’

Paul joined fleetkennis at the end of 2016. ‘I already knew some of the fleetkennis team members and wanted to work with them (again). Why? The no-nonsense atmosphere that I experienced in the interview corresponds with how we work together. It is a relatively small team where there is complete transparency at all levels and that’s something I value.

In his holidays, Paul heads out into Europe as a volunteer to recover and identify victims of the Second World War. Through his determination and persistence in searching for these missing people, he brings clarification to the descendants and offers a form of comfort. This is a whole other side to Paul that shows that he has an unconditional commitment to bringing information to light.

Peter Oord

Uitgelicht Peter O
Process ManagerEst. 1969 (Amsterdam)

if it doesn’t work now,

do things different

Excellent is one of fleetkennis’ core values. Peter supports the team by giving meaning to this value. As Process Manager who is responsible for the quality system, Peter ensures that processes are properly designed or adapted so that the quality remains constant or increases. He motivates his colleagues to continually look for ways to positively surprise our customers. On the other hand, the team asks Peter for analytical and transparent reports to help guide and connect them with the external and internal (strategic) goals and principles.

Peter about Peter

‘I am always asking the question; ‘How can we do it better?’

After having worked for one employer outside the mobility sector, Peter realised that his heart lies within the automotive sector. He worked briefly with us in the early days of fleetkennis. So when the role of Process Manager was created, Peter didn’t have to think long before joining us again. ‘My ambitions and those of fleetkennis are perfectly aligned; continue developing so that you not only deliver the service expected but offer real added value. Moreover, cars and the mobility sector continue to lure me in.’

You’ll also find Peter busy with cars at the weekend. Being an auto sport Steward for more than 10 years now, he ensures that his fellow officials can properly carry out their role. He is a born organizer who conducts very valuable behind-the-scenes work.

Jiaro de Groot

Uitgelicht Jiaro de G
Junior Fleet ManagerEst. 1990 (Utrecht)

big question, little question

everyone is heard

Within fleetkennis, Jiaro likes to keep busy working with company vehicles. He considers it a sport to find the right make, model and performance, together with the future driver or our clients’ contact person. Subjects such as interiors, payloads, double or single cabin, stickers, bench seat or functional seat are all discussed. As an avid handyman who is in possession of a good dose of technical knowledge, Jiaro can quickly and easily envisage what is needed and what is feasible. You can also always call Jiaro with questions about fuel cards, fines, damages or other operational matters.

Jiaro about Jiaro

‘Asking questions is second nature to me.’

Jiaro worked for a long time in the hospitality industry. This is where he gained his great people skills and learned to ask questions to get to the bottom of what people need. ‘Only when you truly understand what the other means, can you contribute ideas and manage expectations.’ What gives Jiaro the most energy from his work? ‘Performing under pressure and still ensuring that all parties experience a successful outcome’.

Within the fleetkennis team, Jiaro is the most creative colleague; someone who next to his work at the office, likes to work with his hands. He installs kitchens and lays new floors for family and friends. Activities that require patience and precision, you can leave them to him. Tinkering with cars? He’d much rather leave that to someone else.

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